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About Us

Please contact Amber Cross at your convenience to learn more about our training opportunities. We’ll work with you one-on-one to determine a roadmap to success. We look forward to working with you soon.

Subject Matter experts, Project Managers, Instructors and Trainers join our team of learning facilitators and consultants based on lessons learned and best practices of emergency management provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA's Emergency Management Institute and health and safety aspects of the National Safety Council. 

We incorporate experience from natural and technological disasters' response and recovery operations that enhance capabilities to integrate into the National Response and Recovery Frameworks with National Incident Management and Incident Command Systems. 

Our services combine virtual and face-to-face interaction for sustainability in building teams to lead and serve the community or business entity for continuity of operations before, during and after a crisis or disaster. Project Management and Supportive assistance in creating, developing and implementing plans, policies and procedures. 

In exercising or testing plans and functional areas developed, maps and visuals are custom designed and relative to the entity being tested, along with providing the entity with the capability to sustain their own training and exercise program with these situational status visual displays. 

We maintain a Learning Management System database for qualifying and credentialing individuals and groups with resources to advance to higher levels of qualifications. 

Keeping regulations, mandates and directives as guidelines, we validate the efforts, vision and mission of whole communities to build resilient disaster workforces and emergency response teams.