We provide project management and implementation facilitation to bridge gaps in emergency management with mentoring and training to empower whole communities' resiliency and integration to the National Response and Recovery Frameworks. 

Customized quality programs to Learn, Lead and Serve: before, during and after a disaster. We elicit subject matter experts on the National Incident Management System, Incident Command System, Disaster and Environmental Health & Safety work with individual organizations in public and private sectors to build resiliency and sustainability in preparing for, responding to, protecting against or recovery from disasters. 

A training center that comes to you, in your environment, with virtual and face-to-face 

Please contact Amber Cross at your convenience to learn more about our training opportunities. We’ll work with you one-on-one to determine a roadmap to success. We look forward to working with you soon.

Affiliates & Clients

communications supporting your efforts in implementing quality programs for emergency preparedness as your partner. 

We respect the workplace or organization's self-directed desire for continuity of operations and sustainability. The value of time and resources is always taken into consideration when consulting on lessons learned and best practices. Programs are geared and customized to our clients' needs and efforts in credentialing and enhancing their human resource capabilities. 

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What our clients have said about us:

 "The clarity and teamwork for the arrangements as well as the preparation and organization of the classes and stations made for a most effective learning environment."

J.M. Claypool, Associate Dean and Professor,Seattle University School of Nursing.

"The 'hands-on' instruction in suturing conducted during the National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Technology, Diver Medical Technician (DMT) course was outstanding and added greatly to the Competency-Based Training program of shipboard EMTs."
D. Dinsmore, Director,NOAA Diving Program.

"Participating staff were 'quite favorably impressed...very strong instructional skills' of the Train-the-Trainer course in Emergency Response conducted at the Honolulu Police Department Training Academy."
G. Roberts, Port Director Department of the Treasury U.S. Customs Service, Honolulu, Hawaii.

​"Our relationship with Amber Cross started over 20 years ago and continues with our confidence for health & safety responders at all our job sites."
J. Knuckey,Intercity Contractors.

​"With the first responder training, we were able to save one of our co-workers with two-rescuer CPR for a cardiac episode in the West Seattle Tunnel it was also nice to be recognized with the Life Saver awards."
R. Boutelle, Mcnally Tunneling Corporation.

"The Incident Management Teams on our premises were well rehearsed and trained to respond to health & safety emergency incidences."
G. Harris, Bethlehem / Salmon Bay Steel / Nucor Steel Seattle.